Welcome to Blue & Gold Production, home of the Film/Video Production & Broadcasting CTE pathway at Gahr High School

This CTE Pathway is divided up into three courses: Introduction to Film/Video Production, Intermediate Film/Video Production, and TV Broadcasting. [more]

November 2020 – As the shutdown of schools continue, we are working hard to ensure that our students are still thriving and being productive.

Not having access to our studio and equipment is one of the hurdles that need to be overcome.  Surprisingly, those cell phones that are such a distraction is classrooms all across America has now become our greatest asset. Students are using their cell phones to create “micro-films” for us all to enjoy.

 Some of that work can be viewed on the STUDENT PROJECTS page. 

Starting our school year virtually has presented us with some unique challenges. Nevertheless, the AMAZING B&G Production students are raising to those challenges. We have a couple of new videos posted but more are coming. Thank you for your support. Please follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Below are a few examples of what the students have been working on since we went to Online learning.

Final Film Projects for 2019-2020


[more videos]

– This exercise was developed from an Instagram challenged.

[See more student projects by clicking here]

STUDENT CHOICE DOCUMENTARY (Students were given the opportunity to create documentaries on topics they chose.) 
  Every year students have the opportunity to create their own projects, highlighting what they have learned in the class.  This page has links to some of those projects. [more film projects]

Would you like to know about some of the things going on within our studio?  Here a little bit of a taste.  Also, there are some interesting resources that we post here. [more]

As many of you know, it takes considerable resources to run a program like this.  If you are able to help in any way, please let us know.  We would be so appreciative. [more]



We just announced our next film theme – “GRATITUDE”

Just in time for the holidays, the students will produce short films on the subject of gratitude.  

It’s been a really hard year but there is still a lot to be grateful for.  We want to focus on the positives in life.

I’m looking forward to sharing these short films with you just before our holiday break.

– Mr. Randeen, Film Production & TV Broadcasting instructor.

View additional films on our STUDENT PROJECTS page.


Due to COVID-19, our creative students can’t meet in person.  One of the results is that they don’t have access to our amazing studio and the equipment that comes with it.
That won’t stop us.  With cell-phones in hand, films are being created. STALKING is one of the films from their first series of this year –  “Halloween.”

View additional films on our STUDENT PROJECTS page.

stalking short film
"STALKING" || Click on image to play