Putting It All Together

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Toward the end of every year students utilize their learned skills by editing professionally shot films.  The Intro class is editing a documentary and, this year, the Intermediate class is editing a comedy. We utilize films from EditStock.com. It’s a great service as it includes unedited scenes and scripts so the students can take part in real-life editing experiences. Introduction to Film/Video Production The introduction class edited Donut Dynamite, a documentary. About

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How Easy Is Editing?

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Far too often I run across people who think that what we do, as editors, is really easy and if you have a good software it’s even easier.  Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is probably the first thing students discover when they enter my classroom. Granted, this is a universal truth, that nothing is easy if you don’t have the proper training and experience. Editing is about STORYTELLING.  Thus,

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Film Crew Positions And Why All Jobs on a Movie Set Matter

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This article is excerpted from No Film School.  To read the entire article please follow the link at the bottom. By George Edelman You’ve heard it takes a village. Well, when it comes to making movies, or any kind of film and video content, it takes more than a village. It takes a video village! Sorry that was awful. The village on a production is a film crew. Sometimes small crews, sometimes massive

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Interviews Begin

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Jakob & Staff Sergeant Vasquez Today kicked off the film of the first of many interviews as the students are creating their documentaries. All five classes have formed production teams of 3 to 6, that will be producing documentaries on a wide variety of topics.  They are responsible for every aspect of the production.  The choose the topic, research, find experts in the field to interview, film and edit.  This morning we

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Smartphone Addicts’ New Tactic to Break Their Habit

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Being a father of three teenagers, teacher of high school and college students, and a smart phone owner and user – this article perked my attention.  Smartphone Addicts’ New Tactic to Break Their Habit: Buy a Second Phone Teaching in the era of Smartphones is challenging, to say the least.  Consequences for using them, rewards for not using them, all manner of management tools don’t really work.  My guess is because the

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