3D Artwalk

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The GAHR High School art program is Fantastic. Mrs. Edson & Mrs Grover do have phenomenal job with these budding artists.   Every year, the 3D art class create these wonderful pieces out of clear packing tape and display them around our campus. Obviously, last year we couldn’t do this event so it was so much fun that the students could display their creations. The Studio 652 News students produced a couple of

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Commercial Using Stock Footage Only

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Telling a good STORY is essential for filmmakers.  If you can’t capture and engage your audience you have missed the mark as a storyteller. One of the exercises we do in our Film I class is to ask the students to make a commercial (tell a story) using only stock footage. Stock footage, also called stock video or b-roll, is a piece of video content, a clip or shot (normally shorter than

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Celebrating Diversity at Gahr High School

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April was Diversity Month. When I first came to work at Gahr High School, what struck me most was the diversity on this campus.  At that time, I identified 12 different languages spoken here. To celebrate Diversity Month I asked the students of Studio 652 News to produce some segments celebrating the diversity at Gahr. We hope you enjoy them. Playlist – tinyurl.com/bdzjmnxw https://youtu.be/Z0I2t1i-uCw Diversity at Gahr High School (Brendan Franklin) https://youtu.be/ytW-oTzP10s

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