Student Choice Films

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The last project of the school year for Gahr’s Introduction to Film Production class was a “student choice” film.  Students wrote, directed, filmed, and edited their own unique projects. Below you will find some examples.  IF YOU ARE ACCESSING THROUGH DISTRICT COMPUTERS, the videos may not be available. LINK: I SAW ME LINK: ESCAPE

Best Editing Award

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BEST EDITING AWARDLuke Nagata The students of Blue And Gold Production, Gahr High School’s Film Production class, were given raw footage to produce a short film. Congratulations to Luke Nagato for winning the BEST EDITING award for “My Nightmare.” This first-year student did a fantastic job. We are looking forward to seeing many more future projects from Luke. We also want to recognize the hard work from some of our other film

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Scholarship Money for Creatives

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Project Yellow Light is offering some amazing scholarships that are worth considering, including $8000 for a video. Use your video skill and submit an entry.  It will definitely be worth your time whether you are awarded the scholarship or not. For more information visit Project Yellow Light ( If you have any questions, please let me know and/or visit their website. Best of luck.

Great Start To The Year

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We have had a great start to this new school year. After last year, it would be hard for it not to be better. Film and TV Broadcasting are both very difficult subjects to teach virtually, but not impossible as you can see from some of the videos included on our YouTube page.  Our Intro to Film class has been learning about: story structure, camera shots, camera angles, and camera movement.  They

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May – Mental Health Month

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For the GAHR GLADIATORS. It’s time to BREAK THE STIGMA around mental health. Join us this month to learn more about mental health and the professionals at our school site who dedicated their work to make sure your mental health is priority! This month Ms. Perez will be hosting our May Wellness Workshop on Tips on Looking After Yourself the 28th at 10am LIVE! Add the event to you calendar here! We also want

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Coming Back to School

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For many of us there is excitement in the air. I’m especially looking forward to meeting, in-person, all the new students and returning students.  For the Freshman, they have an added hurdle in that they have never been on our campus.   Where are your classes?  How do you get there?  What if I need to go to nurse or the counseling center? The questions are many. In an effort to be of

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Find us

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We are hoping that you all can help us grow our social media presence by subscribing to our YouTube channel and Instagram. You can use the QR code to the right for links to both our YouTube and Instagram accounts.  You can also go there directly by clicking one of the following link: YouTube – Blue and Gold Production and Studio 652 NewsInstagram – Blue and Gold Production and Studio 652 News We appreciate your

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My goal was to watch, grade, and provide feedback on all the student submitted films prior to the Winter break so that we could vote for the TOP THREE BEST HOLIDAY GRATITUDE MICROFILMS.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time AND I needed the two-week break as well. The overall goal was to select the two best films from each period.  The criteria were STORY, COMPOSITION, AUDIO, and LIGHTING. The thing was, I

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ABCUSD 2020 Performing Arts Winter Showcase

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If you missed this amazing virtual concert, do yourself a favor, grab yourself something warm to drink, turn up the volume, and enjoy the amazing talent of ABC USD students.  The holiday’s come alive in song and dance. Hosted by band directors Mr.  Darren Loney and Matthew Gullett, musicians, singers, and dancers from all over our district, perform on this virtual set.  Our two hosts offer comedic interplay and a segment on

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Don’t Do Nothing

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“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” I’m pretty sure that Theodore Roosevelt was not referring to filmmaking when he made this statement, I will relate it back to that subject. To overstate the obvious, learning filmmaking during a pandemic, virtually school environment is less than ideal,

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