Student Choice Films

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The last project of the school year for Gahr’s Introduction to Film Production class was a “student choice” film.  Students wrote, directed, filmed, and edited their own unique projects. Below you will find some examples.  IF YOU ARE ACCESSING THROUGH DISTRICT COMPUTERS, the videos may not be available. LINK: I SAW ME LINK: ESCAPE

Commercial Using Stock Footage Only

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Telling a good STORY is essential for filmmakers.  If you can’t capture and engage your audience you have missed the mark as a storyteller. One of the exercises we do in our Film I class is to ask the students to make a commercial (tell a story) using only stock footage. Stock footage, also called stock video or b-roll, is a piece of video content, a clip or shot (normally shorter than

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Student’s Understanding of Camera Angles

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Knowing your Camera SHOTS, ANGLES, and MOVEMENTS is essential to any filmmaker.  The Introduction to Film Production class was given the following assignment to demonstrate their knowledge of Camera Angles. You will be making a short movie on the subject of the BEST and WORST kitchen utensil (a small handheld tool used for food preparation). Genre is up to you: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Documentary, etc. Must use angles: Wide Shot, Medium Shot,

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Filmmaking: Murch’s Rule of Six

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Oscar-winning editor Walter Murch, known for Apocalypse Now and The English Patient, came up with six rules for cutting film. When you begin editing, consider each of the following (in descending order of importance): Emotion: How do you want the audience to feel? Story: Are you advancing the story in a meaningful way? Rhythm: Does your timing feel right? Eye trace: Where is the viewer’s focus on the screen? It shouldn’t have

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The Mirror (Le Miroir)

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Le Miroir is a short film written and directed by the team at Roman + Pedro. It tells the story of a man – in the sense of the human being – which passes from childhood to the status of “old man”, the time to freshen up.  This is a fantastic film to show film students, not only as an example of storytelling but also filmmaking.  Their website provides BTS and mood boards for the

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First Deaf/Blind Actor

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I’m a big fan of OMELETO, a YouTube Channel featuring some of the best short films.  This morning I spent some time looking through some of the films and I came across FEELING THROUGH, a story of a deaf/blind man and a homeless teen.  First of all, it’s a very touching movie but what really impacted me was a documentary that followed entitled – Connecting the Dots.  Connecting the Dots is a documentary

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Rope – A Study of the “One-Shot”

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This week the Intro and Intermediate film class are analyzing one of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpieces – Rope. The two main topics are the “One-Shot” and the character development. Rope is about two young men in New York City who, as an intellectual exercise, commit the perfect murder. Brandon Shaw (played by John Dall) and Philip Morgan (played by Farley Granger) strangle their former Harvard classmate David Kentley (played by Dick Hogan). After committing

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Holiday “GRATITUDE” Microfilms

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HONORABLE MENTION The Gift of Christmas Spirit – Khalia Gatlin The Spoiled One – Gavish Sachdeva BEST MICROFILM FIRST PLACE – Twins The Season, Josiah & De Micah Morris. SECOND PLACE – Lies, Joyce Chung THIRD PLACE – Dear Diary, Brendan Franklin OTHER TOP VOTED Welcome to Thanksgiving – Elizabeth Lara  Lifes Book – Jason Ramirez  Wishlist – Ashley Henan The Little Things That Matter – Brenna Frick The Wish – Jacob Sanchez  Online –

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