3D Artwalk

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The GAHR High School art program is Fantastic. Mrs. Edson & Mrs Grover do have phenomenal job with these budding artists.   Every year, the 3D art class create these wonderful pieces out of clear packing tape and display them around our campus. Obviously, last year we couldn’t do this event so it was so much fun that the students could display their creations. The Studio 652 News students produced a couple of

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Commercial Using Stock Footage Only

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Telling a good STORY is essential for filmmakers.  If you can’t capture and engage your audience you have missed the mark as a storyteller. One of the exercises we do in our Film I class is to ask the students to make a commercial (tell a story) using only stock footage. Stock footage, also called stock video or b-roll, is a piece of video content, a clip or shot (normally shorter than

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Commercial: Edit To The Beat

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How does the rhythm of an edit, or the pacing of shots, matter to the art of editing?Setting the pace of an edit is vital to the storytelling aspect, and for establishing the general stylistic feel of a film. This rhythm is created by a series of beats, and cannot be determined by one or two consecutive cuts alone. It works very similarly to a music composition. The tempo of a piece

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The Mirror (Le Miroir)

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Le Miroir is a short film written and directed by the team at Roman + Pedro. It tells the story of a man – in the sense of the human being – which passes from childhood to the status of “old man”, the time to freshen up.  This is a fantastic film to show film students, not only as an example of storytelling but also filmmaking.  Their website provides BTS and mood boards for the

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Mistakes YouTubers Make & How To Fix Them

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We can all grow in our skills as content creators.  Practice is a non-negotiable but why reinvent the wheel as well? Here is a good video by FILM BOOTH that will show you how to not make the same mistakes so many YouTubers (content creators) make. This video, along with practice will make you a better content creator.  These are simple yet often over-looked mistakes.  One important note is the SCRIPT everything

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First Deaf/Blind Actor

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I’m a big fan of OMELETO, a YouTube Channel featuring some of the best short films.  This morning I spent some time looking through some of the films and I came across FEELING THROUGH, a story of a deaf/blind man and a homeless teen.  First of all, it’s a very touching movie but what really impacted me was a documentary that followed entitled – Connecting the Dots.  Connecting the Dots is a documentary

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Visions of Light

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There are so many different things to keep in mind when you are putting together a film.  For beginning filmmakers, this is especially stressful. One thing that consistently seems to take a backseat is CINEMATOGRAPHY. Visions of Light is a documentary that examines an often overlooked element of filmmaking: the role of cinematography. It includes interviews with various cinematographers, credited as “directors of photography,” who discuss clips from their own work as

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Most and Least Useful Kitchen Utensils

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I love cooking.  There is something relaxing and creative about the process of making a great meal.  There are a couple of kitchen utensils that I could not do without. I thought it would be fun to ask the students what they thought were the Most and Least Useful Kitchen Utensils.  Here’s what they said.


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My goal was to watch, grade, and provide feedback on all the student submitted films prior to the Winter break so that we could vote for the TOP THREE BEST HOLIDAY GRATITUDE MICROFILMS.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time AND I needed the two-week break as well. The overall goal was to select the two best films from each period.  The criteria were STORY, COMPOSITION, AUDIO, and LIGHTING. The thing was, I

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Rising Phoenix

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If you want to get inspired, I’ve got a documentary for you – Rising Phoenix. Featuring nine Paralympians from across the world, this cutting-edge movie tells the Paralympic Games’ remarkable story from the rubble of World War II until becoming the third biggest sporting event on the planet. ‘Rising Phoenix’ examines how the Paralympics have sparked a global movement throughout the decades and shows how it continues to change the way the

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