Interviews Begin

Joe Randeen/ Events, News & Thoughts

Jakob & Staff Sergeant Vasquez Today kicked off the film of the first of many interviews as the students are creating their documentaries. All five classes have formed production teams of 3 to 6, that will be producing documentaries on a wide variety of topics.  They are responsible for every aspect of the production.  The choose the topic, research, find experts in the field to interview, film and edit.  This morning we

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Gahr High School – Musical Chairs

Joe Randeen/ Events, Videos

At our most recent Homecoming rally there was a friendly musical chairs competition between some of the staff and teachers at Gahr High School.  We condensed it for your viewing pleasure.  Stay until the end, you’ll see who really won. YouTube – Thanks to all the willing participants and their good sportsmanship. Also, here are a few select photos.