3 Biggest Mistakes Every Filmmaker Must Avoid

Joe Randeen/ Cinematography, Editing, Films, Storytelling

This video, 3 Biggest Mistakes Every Filmmaker Must Avoid, hits on some good points.  For us students the 2nd and 3rd points are the ones that I want you to pay special attention to.  Point 1 is more for those who wish to make filmmaking a career.

Point 2 – Focus On Gear – points out that story must come first.  Without a good story no amount of gear will make it a good movie.

Point 3 – Lack Of Quality – you have many resources in your toolkit, don’t forget them.  Camera Shots, angles, movement, mis-en-scene, lighting, audio, editing techniques, etc.

Everything you learn in this class builds upon itself.  What that means is, things you learned week 3 are still true and should be used in your films.

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