Student’s Understanding of Camera Angles

Joe Randeen/ Editing, Films

Knowing your Camera SHOTS, ANGLES, and MOVEMENTS is essential to any filmmaker. 

The Introduction to Film Production class was given the following assignment to demonstrate their knowledge of Camera Angles.

You will be making a short movie on the subject of the BEST and WORST kitchen utensil (a small handheld tool used for food preparation).

Genre is up to you: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Documentary, etc.

Must use angles: Wide Shot, Medium Shot, Over the Shoulder shot, Low Angle Shot, and Dutch Tilt Shot.

Remember Headroom and Rule of Thirds.

This is a small sample from

Jadyn A
Himashree G
Eri A
Alejandro L
Bryce W
Seth G
German R
Gabby L
Derrick T
Luke N

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