Don’t Do Nothing

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“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

I’m pretty sure that Theodore Roosevelt was not referring to filmmaking when he made this statement, I will relate it back to that subject.

To overstate the obvious, learning filmmaking during a pandemic, virtually school environment is less than ideal, but certainly not impossible.  True, we don’t have access to our amazing studio or equipment, you all do have cell phones – thus you can make movies.  Most of these students have proved that to be a correct statement.  (YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Filmmaking is NOT something you can learn from lectures or reading – you have to DO!  There is no substitute for actually making films and lots of them. 

Emotionally, the virtual environment is very hard on most of us.  Filmmaking can be a healing distraction if you allow it to be.

I fully realize that not every student gets excited about filmmaking.  To those students I say this, “you are in the class, make the most of it.” Not engaging is boring. Not engaging results in a poor grade. Referring back the Theodore Roosevelt, “the WORST thing that you can do is NOTHING.” 

So far, the majority of students have been engaged and working very hard to stay focused, turning work in on-time, and are growing as filmmakers. We all learn from our mistakes, not our successes.  Every movie that you have done has been better than the one you did before.  Keep going – it’s working.

For any student of mine that is wanting to jump back in and learn, I would encourage you to good back and complete past assignments.  Below you will find some resources that will help.  Don’t forget that you have a huge resource list in Google Classroom called “Filmmaking – RESOURCE LIST 2020-21″ that is available.  Office Hours is another place where you can start attending for help.

For those students who are hungry to get even better, check out the provided resource, reach out for extra training and assignments, watch LOTS of movies, both good and bad ones.



Feeling behind or want to get better at filmmaking?

Start here: 

This series of 7 videos, will teach you all the necessary information about SAMs (Camera shots, angles, and movement).  

Second, this video on Framing and Composition: 


Another fantastic video is HOW TO GET THE FILM LOOK  


RECOMMENDED Websites & YouTube Channels

For more specific resources, see our “Filmmaking – RESOURCE LIST 2020-21” available in your Google Classroom.


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