Finishing Strong

Joe Randeen/ Announcements, Videos

Anyone that teaches knows full well how difficult the last week of school is.  Everyone is so ready for summer and if you are a senior you are ready for high school to be over.  Some of you are shaking your heads and screaming at the computer screen, “what do you mean, the last week?” I hear you.

Regardless, I want to commend my students, many who chose to finish strong.  They are working hard to submit their final Short Film productions.

This final short is where they put into practice, all that they have learned about film production, and it is A LOT.  Most of the students have never produced a film before.  Like life, you can’t quit when you’re tired, who have to finish what you started.  That is the more important lesson here.

I would invite you to view some of their work – go to our STUDENT PROJECTS page. 

Looking forward to Summer School where a full class will dive head on into filmmaking.

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