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Toward the end of every year students utilize their learned skills by editing professionally shot films.  The Intro class is editing a documentary and, this year, the Intermediate class is editing a comedy.

We utilize films from EditStock.com. It’s a great service as it includes unedited scenes and scripts so the students can take part in real-life editing experiences.

Introduction to Film/Video Production

The introduction class edited Donut Dynamite, a documentary.

About the Movie

Winner of the Best Documentary award at the 2017 My Rode Reel Film Competition.


Made on the beautiful island of Maui with aloha — the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy — Donut Dynamite’s fresh, hand-crafted, locally-sourced artisanal donuts are truly one of a kind.

Director’s Note

DONUT DYNAMITE! is a home run for new editors, high-school students, and introductory editing course instructors. Madam Donut provides an entertaining, passionate multi-cam interview; the mouth-watering B-roll will tickle your taste buds; and the story is fit for audiences of all ages.

Intermediate Film/Video Production

The intermediate class edited a comedy entitled Handicapped John.

About the Movie


Office drone John has his comfortable daily routine down to a science — including his luxurious “number two” in the spacious handicapped bathroom. But when new management comes on board, John’s best laid plans go hilariously awry.

Director’s Note

With its short, simply-covered scenes and classic wide, medium, and close-up shots, HANDICAPPED JOHN is perfect for editors cutting their first short film. A staff meeting scene and a couple of flashbacks provide some fun challenges as well.

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