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My goal was to watch, grade, and provide feedback on all the student submitted films prior to the Winter break so that we could vote for the TOP THREE BEST HOLIDAY GRATITUDE MICROFILMS.  Unfortunately, I ran out of time AND I needed the two-week break as well.

The overall goal was to select the two best films from each period.  The criteria were STORY, COMPOSITION, AUDIO, and LIGHTING. The thing was, I couldn’t narrow down the selection to just 10 films, rather there are 16 in the running for BEST HOLIDAY FILM.

I’ve opened up voting to students, family and friends and we will know shortly who the winner(s) are.

I want to thank all the students who participated and worked hard on their microfilms.  It is not easy when you are so limited on equipment, places and people.  Even with limitations, we have some fine films.

We will announce the winner shortly and publically post the top films from the voting.


Gratitude Microfilm
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