Welcome to Blue and Gold Production

Joe Randeen/ Announcements

Welcome to Blue & Gold Production, home of the Film/Video Production & Broadcasting CTE pathway. This CTE Pathway is divided up into three course: Introduction to Film/Video Production, Intermediate Film/Video Production, and TV Broadcasting.

Introduction to Film/Video Production – Period(s) 1, 2, 3, 4
Students study video editing, screenwriting, equipment operation, lighting, sound design, and visual storytelling. Students work individually and in group to create short video projects using the steps in the process from pre-production through post-production.

Production Intermediate Film/Video Production – Period(s) 5
Students will gain advanced skills in video editing, filming, lighting, and sound design. In addition, students will be involved in TV Broadcasting, learning how to produce live and taped shows. Students will work in “production teams” to produce various film and video projects including; short films, PSA’s, news broadcasts, documentaries, etc.

TV Broadcasting – Coming 2019-2020
Students will discover the world of broadcasting through wide and varied roles including: newscaster, reporter, reporter, videographer, light and sound technicians, producer, director, etc. Working within the Gahr state-of-the-art studio, students will gain real-life experience in a professional setting.

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