3D Artwalk

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The GAHR High School art program is Fantastic. Mrs. Edson & Mrs Grover do have phenomenal job with these budding artists.   Every year, the 3D art class create these wonderful pieces out of clear packing tape and display them around our campus. Obviously, last year we couldn’t do this event so it was so much fun that the students could display their creations. The Studio 652 News students produced a couple of

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Celebrating Diversity at Gahr High School

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April was Diversity Month. When I first came to work at Gahr High School, what struck me most was the diversity on this campus.  At that time, I identified 12 different languages spoken here. To celebrate Diversity Month I asked the students of Studio 652 News to produce some segments celebrating the diversity at Gahr. We hope you enjoy them. Playlist – tinyurl.com/bdzjmnxw https://youtu.be/Z0I2t1i-uCw Diversity at Gahr High School (Brendan Franklin) https://youtu.be/ytW-oTzP10s

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The students of our CTE TV Broadcasting class – STUDIO 652 NEWS – are celebrating Black History Month by producing short biographies on pivotal contributors to society.   The only parameter the students had when choosing their subjects was to choose someone that may not be as well known as the men and women that normally come to mind. I know that you will enjoy these.  Please share them with others. Oscar Micheaux

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Embroidery at Gahr

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https://youtu.be/6mCzcMmvYEg Did you know that Gahr High School offers custom embroidery? Ms. Salmon, our French teacher, has acquired a fantastic embroidery machine that can spice up nearly any type of clothing. This is available to the Gahr family at a greatly reduced price and the proceeds go to the French Club. For more information check out Instagram @sewgahr

Great Start To The Year

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We have had a great start to this new school year. After last year, it would be hard for it not to be better. Film and TV Broadcasting are both very difficult subjects to teach virtually, but not impossible as you can see from some of the videos included on our YouTube page.  Our Intro to Film class has been learning about: story structure, camera shots, camera angles, and camera movement.  They

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Best APPs for Filming

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With the ability to add advanced DSLR-like settings, pro-grade manual controls, and higher quality bitrates standard to most third-party camera apps, you can easily overcome many of the drawbacks of shooting with the built-in apps bundled with your Android of iPhone devices. In these videos, we take a look at all the leading camera apps right now, with a full review and my top picks for the –  BEST Android Camera Apps

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Editing – How Much Time Does It Take?

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Every now and then the question of “how long does it take to edit video” comes up.  It’s a difficult question to answer because of all the variables. The experience of the editor being the biggest factor. There also how much falls on the editor. Do they have to acquire music, b-roll, copy, etc.? Is there a shot list and a script? Does it require animation? Is it a film, documentary, news,

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May – Mental Health Month

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For the GAHR GLADIATORS. It’s time to BREAK THE STIGMA around mental health. Join us this month to learn more about mental health and the professionals at our school site who dedicated their work to make sure your mental health is priority! This month Ms. Perez will be hosting our May Wellness Workshop on Tips on Looking After Yourself the 28th at 10am LIVE! Add the event to you calendar here! We also want

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First Newscast

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As we are all aware, distance learning is not easy on students and teachers (and families for that matter).  Our TV Broadcasting students have been especially saddened that they can’t get into our amazing student to create our Newscasts.  But, true to form, my students will and do overcome adversities. A few weeks into our school year I asked the TV Broadcasting students to put together a short 60-second piece on the

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Hear We Go

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Students and family, here we go.  It’s been a long time since we have seen the inside of a classroom.  Due to our current situation, it’s going to be a bit longer.   That said, we are moving ahead and we ARE going to SUCCEED.  That I am sure of.   Don’t Panic Be Patient Think Positive Put on your Creative Minds Smile Show Up I’m excited to see familiar faces and meeting our

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