How to recognize and fix 11 common problems in Final Cut Pro X

Joe Randeen/ FCPX

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There is an old saying that I really enjoy. Some things are like the ocean: shallow enough for a child to wade in, yet deep enough that you will rarely see the bottom. Final Cut Pro X is close to one of those things… until you feel like you are drowning.

My 10-year-old son is perfectly at home using FCP X to edit Lego videos, and as an editor, I have yet to reach its depth. But when FCP X isn’t behaving as it should, you may start to feel that drowning sensation. If that is the case, this article series is for you. Based on my experience working alongside hundreds of FCP X editors —on everything from Bollywood features to corporate films—I’ve come up with a list of the top symptoms and their fixes. In this first series are the top symptoms related to FCP X data corruption, including an overall note about how to prevent getting into trouble in the first place.

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