Soderbergh films movie on iPhone

Joe Randeen/ Industry, News & Thoughts

Filmmakers have been using iPhones for years now.  It’s a convenient and inexpensive way to film movies.  The quality has increased as well as the availability of accessories. BeastGrip is a great resource for lenses and camera rigs. FiLMiC Pro is a fantastic phone app that will give your phone a lot of extra for filming, at the price of a fast food dinner for two.

We use smartphones in our courses here at Gahr High School, to produce fantastic projects. More and more notable filmmakers are also using smartphones but now the ante has been raised. Steven Soderbergh.

Search for Soderbergh and iPhone and you will find a lot of articles about Undone and High Flying Bird, movies filmed entirely on the iPhone.

‘High Flying Bird’: What Soderbergh Begged Apple to Change About the iPhone is an IndieWire article that you will enjoy.  Also check out the YouTube video Steven Soderbergh on using an iPhone to shoot Unsane & the Future of Movie Making

iPhone as well as other smartphones are changing the game.  

“The case for smartphones as a disruptive force in film—both as a democratizing implement for low-budget directors and as a budget-slashing or artistically liberating tool for higher-profile projects—is growing stronger as smartphone-camera hardware and the software supporting it improves, and as the list of past precedents lengthens.” (The Ringer)

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