We Finished.

Joe Randeen/ News & Thoughts

Welcome Back To ClassWhen I left my classroom on March 13, I was confident that we would be returning before the end of the year, so confident that I wrote “WELCOME BACK” on my whiteboard. Needless to say, I was wrong.

I’m not new to teaching Online, as I have taught Online courses for California Baptist University for over five years.  This current situation is much different though.  At Gahr HS, the courses are Film Production and TV Broadcasting. Furthermore, the equipment that we use for the courses are provided for the students to use. Finally, we are dealing with 14-18 year old students.  All that said, we were able to finish the semester and finish strong.

I’m so proud of my students and how they rose to the occasion. The students used free editing software and their phones to create their films.  We used several Online video learning sites and articles to cover needed information.

Personally, the most difficult part was not being able to say goodbye to the students, especially the seniors as I won’t be seeing them again.

You can view some of the students’ projects on our YouTube channel.

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