Why Final Cut Pro

Joe Randeen/ Editing, News & Thoughts

So why do we, Blue and Gold Production, use Final Cut Pro X?

If you have done any serious video editing, FCPX (Final Cut Pro X) probably hasn’t been the tool of choice.  Seven years ago, Apple launched version 10 and any traction they had made in the professional editing realm instantaneously blew up.  Personally, I had been editing on FCP for several years and jumped over to Adobe Premiere, as did so many.

When we were building our studio and editing classroom, the choice of editing software came into question.  It was Apple who approached us and asked us to consider FCPX.  I was extremely hesitant.  So, I went home, downloaded the trail and began delving in.

Honestly, I was so frustrated at first.  Hated the magnetic timeline and couldn’t find tools and shortcuts that I needed.  There is a learning curve when/if you switch.  That said, for the vast majority of my students, editing is new, so learning on FCPX would be relatively easy.

This morning I came across this article Why I Switched to Final Cut Pro X After 25 Years of Working on Avid, from No Film School. The article and accompanying videos, really help to solidify that choosing FCPX was the best decision for us. Please take a look.

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