Motion Smoothing

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Motion Smoothing Is Ruining Cinema

Motion Smoothing

If you are a lover of movies/film, this is something you should be aware of.  Chances are, most people have not heard of Motion Smoothing.  I came across this interesting article on the subject.

Motion Smoothing Is Ruining Cinema: Filmmakers hate it. Viewers do, too. So why is it the default setting on almost every new TV in America? 

If you have ever wondered why TV’s look so vibrant when you see them in a store, this article will also answer that questions.

“The first time many Americans heard of motion smoothing may well have been in December, when Tom Cruise, decked out in a flight suit on the set of his Top Gun sequel, stood alongside his Mission: Impossible — Falloutdirector, Christopher McQuarrie, and issued a PSA imploring viewers to turn off motion smoothing. Here was the normally press-shy Cruise showing up in a video not to promote a new movie but to tell us to change a setting on our TVs.”

Click here to read the article.

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