Commercial Using Stock Footage Only

Joe Randeen/ Editing, Films, Storytelling, Videos

Telling a good STORY is essential for filmmakers.  If you can’t capture and engage your audience you have missed the mark as a storyteller. One of the exercises we do in our Film I class is to ask the students to make a commercial (tell a story) using only stock footage.

Stock footage, also called stock video or b-roll, is a piece of video content, a clip or shot (normally shorter than 1 minute, but there are exceptions) inserted in a larger video production and that was not shot specifically for said production. 

This is challenging for the students in that they have to find and use someone else footage.  On the other hand, it’s easier because you don’t have to shoot your own footage, which is especially challenging for new filmmakers. They also had the additional challenge that the commercials had to be 60-seconds, no more, no less.

Below are some examples from our 2021-22 Film I class.

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