Micro Films Exercise

Joe Randeen/ Editing, How-To, Videos

In teaching the students about HOW to use camera shots, angles and movement in order to tell a more compelling story, we start off with a Micro Film exercise.

  • Students are given a short script.
  • Students choose 4 film genres.
  • Using each genre the students use camera shots, angles and movements to help the script tell a story.

To the right you will see a sample script.  It’s simple on purpose so that it can be used in any film genre.  This also focuses the storytelling more on the camera rather than the dialogue.

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Sample Script:



Actor A
Did you find it?

Actor B

Actor A
Yes, IT!

Actor B
IT wasn’t meant to be found.

Actor A
It needs to be found.

Actor B
Then you go find it!

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